York Christmas Market

The York Christmas Market is a beautiful event that has become a traditional part of the Advent season for many families. Located right in the heart of York, the Christmas Market is a 3-week event that features live music, crafts, and food. It’s a great place for kids to get in touch with their creativity and show off their talents. The Market features a variety of handmade gifts, from candles and wine accessories to candles and earrings. With a warm and festive atmosphere, a visit to York’s Christmas Market will make the holiday season a lot more enjoyable.

York River Cruise

The York River Cruise is a wonderful experience. There are many reasons why people would want to take a trip with the York River Cruise. First, they have spacious, comfortable, and safe accommodations. They have one of the most well-equipped ships of its kind. Another great reason is the food. They offer many choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. They also operate with an eco-friendly policy. This includes their use of renewable fuel, water conservation, and recycling of hazardous materials. Finally, the York River Cruise has an informative staff who is able to answer any questions you may have.

York Holiday Rentals

York is the third most-visited city in England after London and Manchester, so it’s easy to see why it’s becoming such a popular destination for holiday-makers from all over the world. With plenty of places to stay in York, you can choose from low cost apartments, luxury serviced apartments and everything in between if you need an accommodation option to suit your budget and style while on holiday in this amazing city.

Bettys Café Tea Rooms in York – Best & authentic place to go for afternoon tea in York, UK

York city, the classic beauty & amazing holiday destination in United Kingdom is one of the best city which is safe, historically rich and also possessing ‘modern day’ attractions that let you enjoy holidays ‘happily’ with family/friends, through all seasons of the year. One of the beautiful destination(tea house) to visit and experience the authentic taste of ‘English’ in York city is Bettys Café Tea Rooms, a popular tea house that opened during 1919 at Cambridge Crescent in Harrogate and continues to rule the hearts of people with authenticity and class, even after 100 years. The first Bettys Café Tea Rooms in York was opened during 1937 and there are now multiple Bettys tea rooms in York city. With old-fashioned interiors, class ambience, authentic ‘English’ cuisines, amazing coffee and tea and other beverages, various food well-presented and served with friendly staff & services, the Bettys Café Tea Rooms is one of the best way add more ‘goodness’ to your holidaying in York. If you’re planning a visit to Betty’s, do visit during afternoon for which Bettys Café Tea Rooms is popular and loved across York city in United Kingdom. Bettys Café Tea Rooms also consists of gift shops, where you can buy some ‘good gifts’ for your loved ones, & a remembrance of your holidaying in York.

The Web Adventure Park of York – Family friendly, adventurous park in York

York, a beautiful and classic city located in United Kingdom possess attractions which are capable to pull tourists’ from various parts of world and especially, from United Kingdom and Europe, throughout the year. A popular family-friendly destination to visit and enjoy along with family & kids definitely, when holidaying in York city is The Web Adventure Park, a amusement park with both indoor and outdoor games in York. From the main city centre of York city, you shall reach ‘The Web Adventure Park’ by travelling just close to 3 mile towards north, following the directions. The Web Adventure Park is filled with many games, rides, slides, adventurous rides, games, puzzle-solving attractions, excellent café, lively ambience, arresting ‘family picnic’ ambience, interesting animals’ zone, and adventurous Wired High Ropes and also consists of various events and activities to fill you and your people with excitement and thrill during your visit. With proper safety measures and guidance, The Web Adventure Park is definitely an amusing and adventurous park to visit and enjoy, when holidaying in York.

York Castle Museum Kirkgate Family Tour on June 20,2021(Sunday) – Exclusive event for ‘family’ in York city

York, the charismatic city with class & posh attractions in United Kingdom is undeniably a happening holiday city in UK that welcomes tourists throughout the year and the classic beauty of York will make everyone fell in love. If you’re in York city this weekend with your family and kids, then you’ve to know about a ‘exclusive for families’ event called the ‘York Castle Museum Kirkgate Family Tour’ that takes place on June 20,2021(Sunday) and organised by the management of York Castle Museum. The ‘York Castle Museum Kirkgate Family Tour’ kick starts at York Castle Museum on 11am and it’s a less than 2 hour event & from York’s main city centre, you shall reach here by walking for less than a mile, since, the museum is located ‘at the heart of York city’. York Castle Museum Kirkgate Family Tour will let you and your family a beautiful experience by getting guided by a costumed guide who’ll take you back more than 100 years to walk the streets of Victorian York. Walking on the cobbled streets, admiring the ‘old town’ touch & ambience, looking through windows of the fine shops along Kirkgate, and much more to admire and click pictures to boast about your holidays in York city. To book tickets and check the availability, prices and terms & conditions about York Castle Museum Kirkgate Family Tour, you can visit to: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/york-castle-museum-kirkgate-family-tour-22nd-may-20th-june-tickets-155762450683. People visit to ‘York Castle Museum’ everyday but with proper guidance, the ‘York Castle Museum Kirkgate Family Tour’ make your visit to museum more as a ‘family event’ to add more joy & interesting experience to your family, while holidaying in York.

The Shambles in York – Popular & old street in York city

York, the beautiful and classic city of United Kingdom is a picturesque and peaceful city, which’ll let you spend your holidays with family/friends and the attractions found in York city make it enjoyable. One of the historical landmark(a street) and a classic ‘Old Town’ attraction of York city to visit is ‘The Shambles’, a popular old street located right ‘at the heart of York city’. From York’s main city centre, you shall reach ‘The Shambles’ by walking less than half-a-mile towards east, following the directions. The Shambles in York is a typical cobbled-narrow street with ‘Old Town’ and overhanging timber-framed buildings, which dates back to 14th century in York city and the street is also known as ‘The Great Flesh Shambles’ by locals of York. If you’re Harry Potter fan, you’ll automatically find a connect with ‘The Shambles’ because, it resembles the Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter franchise and there are four wizard themed shops now. The Shambles was originally home to butchers, with each shop specialized in a different meat which are found even today and along with meat, you can find other attractions to drink, dine, and shop and that’s why both locals and tourists of York love to spend time in this picturesque street set in a lively ambience. You can find old tavern with bar, tea rooms, traditional restaurants, cafés, shops for handicrafts and York-made products, shops for sweets and savories and lot more shops in ‘The Shambles’ and no-way you can’t miss this old street in York.

Askham Bog of York city – Natural reserve and wetland formed before 15,000 years in York

York city of United Kingdom is one of the classical beauty that lives in modern times but possess a ‘old town’ naturally and also shows ‘urban’ level development, which make people to fly to York to spend their holidays. York city is filled with so many attractions to visit, enjoy and one such beautiful attraction for people who loves ‘unspoilt nature’, adventure and would love to spend leisure time in a nature reserve destination is ‘Askham Bog’, a beautiful wetland with lush green ambience in York city. From York’s main city centre, you shall reach Askham Bog by travelling 6 mile, following the directions which takes you into ‘country side’ of York city. Do you know? Askham Bog is vast spread for about 110 acres(approx.) and it’s one of the most ecologically diverse sites with rich flora and fauna in Northern England. According to historical and geographical evidences, Askham Bog was formed by a flood from the last glacial melt that occurred before 15,000 years. You can spot various types of plants, trees and a large amount of birds, butterflies, many other insects and animals inside Askham Bog and there is a broad walk trail which is considered ‘beauty of Askham Bog’ that let you enjoy the ambience, the views of Askham Bog by walking the trails while you visit this nature reserve in York.

York Maze of York city – Children’s amusement park made up of maize completely in York, UK

York, the beautiful city of United Kingdom(UK) is one of the popular holiday city with attractions and amenities that can make you enjoy a ‘fun-filled’ holidaying with family/friends. One of the popular attraction for family, kids and people who love to take on fun activities when in York city is ‘York Maze’, a amusement park which mainly focuses on kids and a good worth for adults in York, UK. From York’s main city centre, you can reach York Maze by travelling nearly 5.5 mile towards south-east, following the directions. York Maze is a huge attraction during summer months in York city, as many tourists fly to York to enjoy their holidays with family and kids. Being carved out of vast 1.5 million maize plants, ‘York Maze’ is considered the largest maze in United Kingdom, as well as the entire world. There are more than 20 different rides, attractions, games for people of all ages(for kids, especially!), including a large sand and water fun & adventurous playground, 3 tube slides, birds of prey show, and you’ll be amazed by ‘House of Cornfusion’ where the rooms magically begin to shrink, fall over, and even turn upside down and that’s one of the best part/attraction in York city. You can watch and cheer for pig race, a Crowmania(with crows) which takes you close to the York’s country-side lifestyle. You’ve a beautiful café to sit back and relax and also a gift shop to enjoy a little shopping for your children, as a token of visit to popular ‘York Maze’ in the city of York. Do visit York Maze, which is considered to be ‘one of it’s kind’, unique and a amusement developed from nature and loved by children and they shouldn’t experiencing this, while holidaying in York.

Rowntree park of York city – Massive and picturesque park in York city

York city of England has got it all to let you enjoy a joy-filed and peaceful holidaying with your family/friends in York city. A destination(park) that you can visit easily, quickly from York city’s centre and can’t miss visiting which is beautiful, popular, verdurous, family-friendly and suitable for all ages in York city is the Rowntree Park, a massive & pleasant 20-acre park in England’s York city. The park is located less than mile away from York city’s centre you can walk to reach here, and thus people say that “Rowntree park is in the ‘heart of York city’!”. In Rowntree park you can find a large lake, vast green lawn spaces, rich flora, statues, which makes the park to appear fresh & verdurous, and you can also find play area for children, tennis & basketball courts, area for skateboarding, bowling greens and obviously a lot of space to relax and enjoy like a picnicking. The presence of various birds in the trees of Rowntree and huge count of swans, ducks and Canada Geese in the lake, makes the ambience more beautiful and pleasant to spend your leisure time here, along with your family/friends. Rowntree park was opened during 1921 and it’s one of the popular, most loved & visited tourists’ attraction from then to now and don’t miss it, while holidaying in York.