Ottoman Empire of Istanbul


Being one of the famous cities in the world, Istanbul attracts many tourists to Turkey throughout the year. Istanbul is compiled by a plenty of tourist attractions which you shouldn’t miss on your visit. One of the greatest attraction of all time in Istanbul is the Ottoman Empire. You cannot experience the beauty of Ottoman Empire in a short time, you must need a whole-day for it. A luxury fee must be paid at the entrance of the Ottoman Empire, but still its worth it. Because you could see the main attractions of Istanbul such as Blue mosque, Sulemaniye mosque, Dolmabahce palace, Topkapi palace, Selimiye mosque, Sultan Bayezid II mosque, Ishak Pasha palace, Rustem Pasha Caravanserai, Koza Han and Green mosque and tomb altogether at the Ottoman Empire and that’s why you cannot Ottoman Empire on your Istanbul visit. The entire Ottoman Empire is an imperial treasury that depicts the architectural and cultural heritage of Turkey to the travellers and as well as to the rest of world.

Undisturbed Hagia Sophia!

Hagia Sophia

Istanbul: one of the major cities in Turkey that attracts a bunch of tourist every year with its elegance and cultural heritage throughout the year. Istanbul is undoubtedly an oldest city in Earth which functions even now. Archaeological evidences shows that there is human civilization in Istanbul since the past three thousand years. Istanbul have many ancient buildings which represents the touch of history and ancient architecture of the city it have gone through. Istanbul’s elegance is restored all the time, because people there didn’t give a chance for the modern lifestyle today to disturb the ancient structures present in the city for so long. Instead, they understood to protect and preserve those architectures. Hagia Sophia is definitely the major tourist spot that took all the attention of the media during the past months of 2020. Hagia Sophia was built in the year 537 by the Roman empire and its now 1500 years old. Initially, the grand structure served as orthodox cathedral and in the year 1453 it was converted to mosque by Mehmed the Conqueror. Hagia Sophia served as a mosque since 1453 to 1931 AD. Later on 1935, after being closed for 4 years to public it was re-opened as museum by Turkey Republic. Now, in the year 2020 it was turned back to Mosque after 85 years by the President Erdogan. Though, there were many contrast opinions regarding Hagia Sophia functioning as mosque or shall continue as museum again; the grand structure stand erect and disturbed by all the controversies and politics revolving around. Rather than its history, Hagia Sophia offers the best feast to you on tour to Istanbul by its grand appearance and architectural styles imposed in the way of its construction. The Marbles door, nice door, wishing column, and the imperial door’s art work will leave you speechless for a moment. You could think back and question yourself about ‘How perfectly those artworks were made from mosaics even during those very old times?’. Hagia Sophia’s visit will definitely spice up your Istanbul tour.

One must not miss out the quaint view of Istanbul’s Palace!

Scoring for the well-preserved royalty, the palace makes everyone stun at the first visit. The adorable ‘Dolmabahce Palace’ belongs to Besiktas district, Istanbul is known for its extraordinary architecture and pretty entrance for its trimmed garden. The strong majestic building is good for sightseeing and the right place to know about the history of Ottomans. Budget-friendly coffee shops located nearer to the spot offer coffees, cold drinks and snacks for evening refreshment. 

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

One of the Unesco World Heritage sites belong to Istanbul is the ‘Hagia Sophia’ which was an orthodox Christian Cathedral building during 1500’S. The power of divinity is felt inside every corner of the building if you get a chance to visit the spot as aMuseum at present. This iconic building holds the reflections of positive reflections made through prayers and comes under the must-visit spots in Istanbul trip. It is very easy to move on to other spots from here as timely transport facilities are available nearby. 

Colours dance with utter joy now in Pera Museum, Istanbul!

Children are getting engaged colourfully for no cost during this lockdown period in Pera Museum, Istanbul. It is new in this art museum where modern arts, paintings and past ceramics are exhibited at usual. Renowned artists who had submitted brilliant postures to the museum are now taking the painting classes online for children up to 12 yrs. Tourists find this information as useful and can take part in zoom calling and enjoy as much fun as they had in the museum visit.  

Tourists get a chance to know about the Ottomon heritage in Istanbul!


In the east of the Fatih district, lies the Seraglio, a large museum well-known as the Topkapi Palace. The most beautiful garden around the Palace museum make chances to walk under the tree shadows thus the spot is preferred during the summer holidays. The marble terrace flooring and Ottomon’s architectural walls look brilliant. Rentals and apartments found around are fantabulous with interior pools mandatorily.

A walk and talk along the landmark waterway is also good in Istanbul!


The Black sea and the Sea of Marmara are connected by a narrow strait, which is used for international navigation. Bosporus is the world’s natural narrowest strait that gains tourists from different parts of the world as it is an internationally significant waterway. The metropolitan population has straddled most of the Istanbul’s shores thus tourists can expect home like freaky stay nearby.

‘The Blue Mosque’, Istanbul- An iconic mosque attracting more tourists

blue mosque istanbul

During the ruling period of Sultan Ahmed, this fabulous mosque has got into existence in Istanbul, Turkey.It is still on function and attracts more tourists for its ultimate architectural glories. The hand-painted blue interior walls never leave out of your memory whenever you think about your Istanbul trip. Highlight of the mosque is that it sits next to Hagia Sophia which is another tourist attraction and the whole day can be spent it’s nearby.

Visit Istanbul – Global Tourism Campaign


Istanbul, one among the top 10 most traveled cities on the planet,the city hosted 13 .4 million tourists in 2018, a rise of 24%.To introduce the city more efficiently on a global scale , İstanbul city has started a brand new project called “Visit İstanbul”.The first ‘History’ themed introductory movie of Visit İstanbul project ‘Meet With History Of Your Dream City’ has been posted on project’s social media sites.Within the scope of ‘Visit İstanbul’ that is also known as Turkey’s first official city promotion project, world-famous travel stars, will meet in İstanbul over 5 days between 17-21 March.Middle East Countries, United Kingdom, Russia, USA, Germany, France, India, and China have been identified as target countries.

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