Bodrum Alora Beach

Bodrum Alora is a pretty popular beach. So popular, in fact, that it is even known as the best beach in Turkey. It’s a great place to visit in order to get a taste of the sunny Mediterranean. It’s got turquoise waters, soft white sand, and there are always plenty of food and drink vendors around. It’s a great place to spend a day or two.The beach has both a shallow and deep area which gives people the opportunity to choose a place to swim based on their ability and confidence level.

Bodrum Beach Holiday

Bodrum Beach: the best in the world! Bodrum, in southwest Turkey, is a resort town and is famous for its subtropical climate and its beaches. The city is surrounded by the spectacular Taurus Mountains and the magnificent Bay of Bodrum. When you’re in Bodrum, you’re never more than 16 km from the sea water and this means that, whichever way you like to enjoy the sea, you’re never too far away. Bodrum’s best beaches are located in front of the town; 5 km of magnificent sand and bays await you. The most famous and most popular of these is Kumbaba Beach. The water is very shallow and it’s like a lagoon.

Bodrum luxury villas

First class service, breathtaking views Bodrum is one of the most beautiful places in all of Turkey and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular. To get fully immersed in the local culture, it’s important to select a stay with a luxury villa such as the luxury villas of Bodrum. The top luxury villas in Bodrum come with all the amenities you would expect from the finest hotels and resorts. These villas will give you access to all the services and amenities that you would expect from a five-star establishment and they will provide you with breathtaking views of the Aegean.

Bodrum Spa Holidays

Bodrum is a small fishing hamlet, turned tourist destination with a growing number of hotels, restaurants and shops that cater to a certain international clientele. In recent years, Bodrum has seen its popularity grow as a tourist destination and it has achieved a certain degree of fame as a place for vacation. One of the reasons why Bodrum has become so popular as a tourist destination, and as a new and trendy place for vacation, is because of the many bodrum spa holidays that tourists can enjoy. Bodrum has some great spas that offer massages and treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. those that want to know more about Bodrum as a tourist destination and as a place for vacations.

Bodrum Holiday Villas

Bodrum, a resort town on the southwest coast of Turkey, is a popular holiday destination. Bodrum holiday villas provide the perfect environment to experience the beautiful surroundings, with a country setting and a selection of accommodations that suit a variety of budgets. Many Bodrum holiday villas offer a private pool that is a great way to spend those hot days. When you return from a day at the beach, cooling off in the pool is a welcome change for those who are sun drenched.

Bodrum Vacation

Many people want to spend a holiday in a more relaxing location with fewer crowds, and Bodrum in Turkey offers the perfect environment for people looking to do just that. The city is located on the Aegean Sea, and the climate is perfect for spending time on the beach and in the pool, and there are plenty of dining options for people who want to sample some of the local dishes. For people who want to venture away from their base in Bodrum, it’s easy to explore some of the ancient sites in the area, and it only takes a few hours to reach ancient ruins like Ephesus and Pergamon.

Bodrum Mini Charter Cruises

Bodrum mini cruises are a very common way to see Turkey’s stunning Aegean coast. Bodrum is among the list of most visited towns in the Mediterranean area, thanks to its temperate weather and awesome beaches. Local boat charter businesses in the area provide a number of of schedules on Bodrum mini cruises, to give you the chance to explore and appreciate the area’s social flavor in a way that fits you best.Generally mini cruises are 3 days in duration, but you can also take much longer cruises as well. Due to the fact all of the Bodrum charter cruises offer separate itineraries, you’ll want to analyze them in order to choose the things you want to see and do onboard your cruise. Irrespective of which cruise you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy the ideal getaway and spend your holiday sun bathing, swimming and relaxing.

Bodrum Holiday Villas

Bodrum is a interesting port city with a dreamlike experience, where traditional and modern lifestyle co-exist in a harmonious relationship.Situated south of Izmir on the Aegean region of Turkey, the city has usually been a important place for trade, art and recreation. These days, Bodrum draws a diversified crowd of visitors, thanks to its casual way of life during the day, and a booming nightlife loaded with pleasure.Across the horizon is a scenery of hills, mesas, rugged coves, holiday villas and a wide selection of apartments providing fantastic accommodation for the visitors. When dark falls, the all-night partying begins with music blowing from the numerous beach clubs and open-air bars.

Aquarium Bay(Akvaryum Bodrum) of Bodrum – Picturesque marine bay in Turkey’s Bodrum

Bodrum, the elegant coastal town of Turkey with amazing coastline, historical landmarks and architectures, popular viewpoints, rich climate and spectacular holiday villas with round the clock services, welcomes tourists from different parts across the world. One of the beautiful beach with ‘unspoilt natural ambience’ which require a boat trip to reach is Akvaryum Bodrum, an exciting area between Bitez and Gumbet, and it’s also called as ‘Aquarium Bay’ in Bodrum. From Bodrum’s main city centre you shall reach the departure point to ‘Aquarium Bay’ by travelling 7 kilometre towards west, following the directions. With deep-blue pristine waters, partial sandy shore with pebbles and rocks as well as surrounded by rock cliffs, the Aquarium Bay(Akvaryum Bodrum) is crystal clear aqua marine with spectacular swimming conditions and enjoy snorkeling in a calm and relaxing environment. Do backpack food, water, drinks and other necessities before arriving at Aquarium Bay(Akvaryum Bodrum) and slightly tough for family & kids but for adventure and nature admirers, this marine bay in Bodrum is ‘paradise on earth’. You can also reach Aquarium Bay(Akvaryum Bodrum) by hiking the trail which takes an hour. Though the trail is quite harsh and rock, it’s definitely a unique holidaying experience for people who love adventure, hike and nature, when holidaying in Bodrum, Turkey.

Bodrum Şarapçılık – Visit and taste Bodrum’s first made wine and winery


Bodrum of Turkey is a beautiful coastal city with amazing coastline and attractions, which let people/tourists to enjoy holidays happily with family/friends, as there are also amazing holiday villas in Bodrum with round the clock services and picturesque views. If you love wines and wish to taste some authentic Bodrum wine by visiting the winery and vineyard, then you shouldn’t miss Bodrum Şarapçılık, a popular and first local-made wine of Bodrum, Turkey. From the main city centre of Bodrum, you shall reach Bodrum Şarapçılık by travelling 9 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Bodrum Şarapçılık is now preparing and serving wines along with Vinbodrum and it’s one of the hit combination and you’ll definitely love their products, hospitality and cuisines. In Bodrum Şarapçılık, you shall take a loot at vineyard, check the wine producing methods and then go for wine tasting of excellent wines in a picturesque ambience at winery. For more details, visit their official website: Bodrum Şarapçılık also serves good range of typical ‘Turkish’ food along with wine tasting and tours and if you’re adult and you love wine, then you shouldn’t miss spending time and tasting wine & food at this winery, while holidaying in Bodrum.