Aquarium Bay(Akvaryum Bodrum) of Bodrum – Picturesque marine bay in Turkey’s Bodrum

Bodrum, the elegant coastal town of Turkey with amazing coastline, historical landmarks and architectures, popular viewpoints, rich climate and spectacular holiday villas with round the clock services, welcomes tourists from different parts across the world. One of the beautiful beach with ‘unspoilt natural ambience’ which require a boat trip to reach is Akvaryum Bodrum, an exciting area between Bitez and Gumbet, and it’s also called as ‘Aquarium Bay’ in Bodrum. From Bodrum’s main city centre you shall reach the departure point to ‘Aquarium Bay’ by travelling 7 kilometre towards west, following the directions. With deep-blue pristine waters, partial sandy shore with pebbles and rocks as well as surrounded by rock cliffs, the Aquarium Bay(Akvaryum Bodrum) is crystal clear aqua marine with spectacular swimming conditions and enjoy snorkeling in a calm and relaxing environment. Do backpack food, water, drinks and other necessities before arriving at Aquarium Bay(Akvaryum Bodrum) and slightly tough for family & kids but for adventure and nature admirers, this marine bay in Bodrum is ‘paradise on earth’. You can also reach Aquarium Bay(Akvaryum Bodrum) by hiking the trail which takes an hour. Though the trail is quite harsh and rock, it’s definitely a unique holidaying experience for people who love adventure, hike and nature, when holidaying in Bodrum, Turkey.

Bodrum Şarapçılık – Visit and taste Bodrum’s first made wine and winery


Bodrum of Turkey is a beautiful coastal city with amazing coastline and attractions, which let people/tourists to enjoy holidays happily with family/friends, as there are also amazing holiday villas in Bodrum with round the clock services and picturesque views. If you love wines and wish to taste some authentic Bodrum wine by visiting the winery and vineyard, then you shouldn’t miss Bodrum Şarapçılık, a popular and first local-made wine of Bodrum, Turkey. From the main city centre of Bodrum, you shall reach Bodrum Şarapçılık by travelling 9 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Bodrum Şarapçılık is now preparing and serving wines along with Vinbodrum and it’s one of the hit combination and you’ll definitely love their products, hospitality and cuisines. In Bodrum Şarapçılık, you shall take a loot at vineyard, check the wine producing methods and then go for wine tasting of excellent wines in a picturesque ambience at winery. For more details, visit their official website: Bodrum Şarapçılık also serves good range of typical ‘Turkish’ food along with wine tasting and tours and if you’re adult and you love wine, then you shouldn’t miss spending time and tasting wine & food at this winery, while holidaying in Bodrum.

Leman Kultur Bistro, a typical ‘Turkish’ restaurant in Bodrum

Bodrum, the spectacular coastal city in Turkey is one of the most visited & loved holiday destination which is suitable for all ages and houses a lot of attractions that are picturesque, possess rich cultural and historical values and also consists of spectacular holiday villas with full-fledged services to stay and enjoy holidays with family/friends. One of the popular and picturesque seafront restaurant to visit in Bodrum is Leman Kultur Bistro, a authentic and typical ‘Turkish’ restaurant which is located just 2.5 kilometre away and east to Bodrum’s main city centre. With delicious menus of food, drinks, desserts and specially prepared ‘Turkish’ coffee and tea, & also let you drink, eat and dine while enjoying seafront views and feel sea breeze, the Leman Kultur Bistro is open all 24 hours. So, you can either go for a coffee in morning, a breakfast, a brunch, a lunch, a tea in evening or a dinner at night, along with your family/friends. Leman Kultur Bistro of Bodrum city is amazingly ‘family friendly’ and you can take your family and kids here, and shouldn’t miss the beautiful experience of dining in seafront ambience, while holidaying in Bodrum.

Visit ‘Mandalin Bodrum’ to explore the beautiful nightlife of Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum, the calm and dignified beauty of Turkey consists of amazing coastline, attractions & beautiful holidaying experience while you be there in Bodrum and one such attraction which you shouldn’t miss experiencing while holidaying in Bodrum is a visit to Mandalin Bodrum, a live music seafront bar of Bodrum, Turkey. From Bodrum’s main city centre, you can reach Mandalin Bodrum by walking just less than a couple of hundred metre, since, it’s located right ‘at the heart of Bodrum city’. Live music, splashing lights, good range of drinks and food, seafront atmosphere and friendly services are the strengths of ‘Mandalin Bodrum’ and that’s what makes both locals and tourists to fall in with Mandalin Bodrum in Bodrum city of Turkey. Getting adapted with technology there is also dance floors to pump up your night with huge screens and DJs in Mandalin Bodrum. To know about Bodrum’s nightlife, visiting Mandalin Bodrum is essential, as the wild partying with music, lights and drinks starts at 5pm in the evening and never shuts down, until it’s 4am in the morning next day. Do visit Mandalin Bodrum, which will definitely remain as one of the best party you had in Bodrum.

Myndos Gate in Bodrum city – Historical site and a viewpoint of Turkey’s Bodrum

Bodrum city of Turkey is naturally gifted with amazing coastline and attractions which attracts people from various parts across the world to spend holidays with family/friends. A popular, historical as well as ancient architecture in Bodrum city to visit is Myndos Gate, ruins of a 7 kilometre long ancient wall built during 4th century in Bodrum city ‘Halikarnassos’ and it’s located 3 kilometre away and west to Bodrum’s main city centre. Though, ancient ruins ‘Myndos Gate’ will look amazing with picturesque, calm ambience and the fact that you’re standing in ancient landmark which is 1600 years old makes your ‘sightseeing in Bodrum city’ a worthy shot, while holidaying in Bodrum. There are also ancient wall ruins, twin graves, stone walkway, Myndos towers to look at Myndos Gate historical site in Bodrum and additionally, from the top of Myndos Gate you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city of Bodrum.

Usuluk Bay Nature Park(Usuluk Koyu Tabiat Parkı) of Bodrum – Natural beauty with flora and water on either sides in Bodrum

Bodrum in Turkey consists a lot of attractions to visit, admire and enjoy which makes it a beautiful holidaying destination and you can also find amazing holiday resorts, holiday villas in Bodrum where you’ll be given utmost care, good amenities, privacy in a picturesque ambience that’ll let you enjoy good holidaying in Bodrum with family/friends. A popular tourist destination of Bodrum that you must visit to admire, enjoy the rich floral part and it’s beauty in Bodrum is Usuluk Bay Nature Park(Usuluk Koyu Tabiat Parkı) which is located 11 kilometre away and north-east to Bodrum’s main city centre. Usuluk Bay in Bodrum is one of the picturesque destination, where verdurous flora meets with turquoise waters and carries ‘elegance’ naturally and easily in Bodrum, Turkey. Usuluk Bay is definitely a fine tourist spot to picnic and admire Bodrum’s beauty and get along with nature for a while in peaceful ambience, with many hotels and restaurants nearby, while holidaying in Bodrum.

Bodrum Hammam – Get the traditional and authentic Turkish bath along with massage in Bodrum

Bodrum, a beautiful touring/holidaying destination in Turkey with lots of attractions and the holiday resorts, villas in Bodrum will let you enjoy good holidaying in Turkey’s Bodrum city. One of the best, unique holidaying experience in Bodrum and in city of Turkey is getting a relaxed and peaceful Hammam, while holidaying in any Turkish cities. A Hammam is nothing but the traditional Turkish bath which uses steam/hot springs along with ayurvedic, healthy therapies and methods; Hammam was a culture from Muslim world which was inherited from Roman thermae during past centuries. When you’re in Bodrum and wish to get the experience of Hammam, then you should visit ‘Bodrum Hammam‘ and it’s located just 1 kilometre away from Bodrum’s main city centre. In Bodrum Hammam you’ll get the relaxing traditional Turkish bath with soothing hot springs accompanied by traditional, authentic Turkish Bubble massage, when you’re holidaying in Bodrum.

Kumbahce Sahili of Bodrum – Urban beach with facilities & picturesque ambience in Bodrum

Bodrum, a beautiful destination in Turkey with lots of attractions and the holiday resorts, villas in Bodrum will let you enjoy good holidaying in Turkey’s Bodrum. A beautiful urban beach of Bodrum which is small but possess good basic tourists’ amenities, urban and active ambience and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Bodrum is Kumbahçe Sahili(Kumbahce Sahili), a beautiful beach in Turkey. From the main centre of Bodrum, you shall reach Kumbahce Sahili by travelling 2.5 kilometre, towards east coastal line of Bodrum, following the directions. With crystalline, calm waters touching the pebbles-filled, partial sandy beach, Kumbahce Sahili of Bodrum is definitely a picturesque beach with good swimming conditions to relax, swim and enjoy sunbath while holidaying in Bodrum city of Turkey. The presence of seafront cafés, restaurants, snack bars, and shops to rent sunbed & umbrellas, makes the Kumbahce Sahili a lovable, preferable public beach in Bodrum city by both locals and tourists of Bodrum city, Turkey. Do enjoy the beautiful sunsets from Kumbahce Sahili, when you visit it, while holidaying in Bodrum.

Aspat beach in Bodrum – Bay like beach surrounded by hills and flora in Bodrum

Bodrum’s beautiful and tranquil beach to visit, while holidaying in Bodrum city is Aspat Beach, a beach looking like bay, since, being enclosed by Aspat hills and trees. You can reach the Aspat Beach by travelling 21 kilometre away and in the south-west coastline from Bodrum’s main city centre. Due to tranquil nature, you shall find only limited amenities near by Aspat Beach, but the waters is deep & clear which is a lovely destination to spend time for people who love swimming and calm atmosphere. Aspat Beach also have shallow waters which is suitable for kids and people of all ages, but the lack of amenities, made the beach to stay as ‘secluded’ beauty of Bodrum. If you’re ready to back-pack and wish to spend a while in peaceful ambience, then you shall definitely visit Aspat Beach of Bodrum.

Mor Plaj beach in Bodrum – Blue-flagged beach in Bodrum

Bodrum, a beautiful touring/holidaying destination in Turkey with lots of attractions and the holiday resorts, villas in Bodrum will let you enjoy good holidaying in Turkey’s Bodrum city. If you’re looking for a good ‘beach day’ in Bodrum, then you shall definitely visit Mor Plaj, a beautiful beach with picturesque views and facilities in Bodrum’s coastline. From Bodrum’s main city centre, you shall reach Mor Plaj beach by travelling 8 kilometre towards south-west direction. Though, a small-sized beach, Mor Plaj is a beautiful beach that possess cold water, good shore for sunbath and a natural, tranquil & secluded ambience to relax & enjoy. Surprisingly, Mor Plaj of Bodrum is one of the prestigious ‘blue flagged’ beach backed by trees for shades and cafés, restaurants, and also other tourists’ amenities. Do visit Mor Plaj of Bodrum which is suitable for all ages, when you’re holidaying in Bodrum.