Everglades National Park


Between the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean lies the beautiful peninsular US state Florida which one of the best touring destinations in the continent. Florida have so many attractions and attracts thousands of people throughout the year and them with beautiful stream of villas, resorts and let them enjoy great time in Florida. Florida naturally have a rich flora and fauna and the Everglades National Park is straight proof for that. When you’re in Florida you must definitely visit this beautiful National park which is third largest in the continent and majestically spread mangroves. Everglades National Park have a large variety of 300 type species of fish, 90 type species of mammals and reptiles and nearly 350 type species of birds and most importantly 36 species which are rare and been protected from being extinct. Everglades National Park have been spilling its elegance to its visitors since 1934. To get soaked in enjoying the views of Everglades park you’ll definitely need one complete day and its totally worth it. There are amazing queue of restaurants, cafes around and inside the park where you can sit back enjoy your meal and connect yourself with the nature’s beauty for a while.

Universal Orlando- The Mini Florida


Florida: A beautiful and amazing US state that have all the natural attractions within itself to make your vacation enjoyable and sweet. Florida have a very structured and sizzling beaches throughout the state with lot of resorts, villas to make your stay pleasant. Florida shines bright during the day and sings melody like a moon in the night. Florida is packed with a lot of attractions and one best attraction is the Universal Orlando Resort. The resort was operating since early 90s and have completed 3 decades from the day of inauguration. You can easily spend a whole beautiful vacation in Universal Orlando because its a beautiful tiny world by itself with amazing theme parks, water parks and resort hotels inside it. Universal Orlando is nothing but an little Florida. The theme parks, water parks and resorts here are actually themed like movies like Jurassic Park and few other famous films made by Universal. Being in Universal Orlando is like living inside a blockbuster film made by Universal. Resorts here have a great accomplishment of delicious cuisines, comforting hospitality and luxurious make over for a beautiful vacation.

Fantasy Florida!

Walt Disney

Florida is the dream destination for many and the US state which lies in between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean. Florida possess a wide range of seashore serving for the beach restaurants, bars, and other refreshment along the coastal line. Florida doesn’t have a wide coastal line alone but a beautiful cultural line with the Latin-American’s arts, nightlife, and restaurants. But, considering solely the cultural connection and judging Florida as a simple vacation spot is definitely an misjudgement. Florida have the largest and variant levels of amusement parks which are globally popular and can leave you astounded easily. Florida’s most acknowledged theme parks are Disney’s Hollywood Studious, Universal Studious Florida, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Universal Orlando Resort, Magic Kingdom Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort. In other words, times in Florida is just like living in a fantasy world filled with amusements and merriment.