Visit the most popular viewpoint of Ayia Napa – Love Bridge of Ayia Napa

Love Bridge-Ayia Napa
Love Bridge – Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa in Cyprus island possess beautiful attractions to visit and you can also find amazing holiday rentals such as holiday villas in Ayia Napa, beachfront villas and also holiday apartments with full-fledged services, and there are also holiday villas in Ayia Napa with private pool; these holiday rentals in Ayia Napa will pave way to enjoy your holidays in Ayia Napa accompanied by spectacular services, utmost privacy and picturesque ambience and also assure profound hospitality. In the way of attaining the ‘best holidays’ in Ayia Napa, it’s good to choose the beautiful luxurious holiday villas in Ayia Napa which enhances your holidaying with great comfort and privacy. Choosing holiday villas in Ayia Napa with private pool (or) holiday apartments in Ayia Napa will ensure to gain ‘comfort space’, that let you enjoy your holidaying with family, friends without any cause of discomfort from external persons/factors, when you’re holidaying in Ayia Napa. A most popular and picturesque viewpoint in Ayia Napa which you must definitely take & click pictures(especially with your spouse) in this natural arch rocky bridge of Cyprus, when you’re holidaying in Ayia Napa is Bridge of Love (or) Love bridge in Ayia Napa’s coastline. From Ayia Napa’s main city centre, you shall reach the Love bridge by travelling 4 kilometre towards south coastline from here, following the directions. Love bridge is a natural arch rocky bridge which arises up in between the turquoise, crystalline, warm waters of Ayia Napa and it possess a series of sea caves which is also a natural pathway to connect with other beaches on Ayia Napa’s coastline. Swimming isn’t much preferred but if you love to snorkel, then you shall enjoy a lot of snorkeling in these warm waters near Love bridge of Ayia Napa. Do stop by the ‘Love Lock Bridge’, which is a small steel bridge where people put ‘locks’, it’s kind of announcing that they’re making the relationship to sustain ‘Eternal’. Being surrounded by rock cliffs, rock caves and rock formations, Love bridge is one of the most beautiful natural attraction in Ayia Napa of Cyprus island. Holidaying in Ayia Napa is incomplete without visiting, spending time, admiring and clicking pictures at the popular Bridge of Love at Ayia Napa.