Vella D’oltà Hermitage in Calpe – Amazing trail with simple and beautiful chapel as end point in Calpe

Calpe(Calp), a town of Alicante & a exquisite part of Costa Blanca is the popular beach holiday destination lying in Spain’s Mediterranean coast and amazing holiday villas in Calp will let you enjoy great holidaying here with family and friends. The La Ermita Vella D’Olta chapel in Calp (or) Vella D’oltà Hermitage of Calp is a very simple, small but beautiful chapel that shall be visited to admire the chapel’s simplicity made of stone and wooden benches and also to enjoy the picturesque surroundings of the chapel which is located less than 4 kilometres from Calp’s main city centre. Vella D’oltà Hermitage is located in the Sierra de Oltà, in the recreation area known “Area recreativa de la Ermita Vella”. You can reach Vella D’oltà Hermitage by walking a trail that starts at the “Monte Oltá” PR-CV 340 camping area. Being in a serene and calm ambience with magnificent scenery is the core thing you can experience when you visit La Ermita Vella D’Olta chapel in Calp and those are the reasons for which people fly to enjoy their holidays in Calp(Calpe), Spain.