Urbanização Parque da Corcovada(Corcovada Park Urbanization) in Albufeira – Posh ambience to spend leisure time in Albufeira

Albufeira, the beautiful coastal town in Portugal’s south and also a part of popular Algarve region, possess a natural resort town ambience with soothing attractions and features, for which people/tourists from various places land here to spend their holidays with family/friends. If you wish to take a look at the urban beauty phase of Albufeira accompanied by lot of shopping, eating, enjoying and experiencing ‘Portugal’ completely, then you shall definitely visit Urbanização Parque da Corcovada(Corcovada Park Urbanization), a popular & perfect urban park in Albufeira. From the main town’s centre of Albufeira, you shall reach Corcovada Park Urbanization by travelling 3 kilometre towards east, following the directions. With lot of modern residential buildings, kids’ park, shops, cafés and restaurants, the Corcovada Park Urbanization is a happening, urban neighbourhood of Albufeira with posh ambience. You can find a wide range of cafés, restaurants and various shops with International brands lining around Corcovada Park Urbanization and there are also entertainment factors for both kids and adults to enjoy their time here. Corcovada Park Urbanization will look so stylish and cool which you can’t leave before clicking enough pictures to boast about your ‘Albufeira holidays’