Town of Atalayita in Fuerteventura – Visit the destination where the first natives of Fuerteventura settled!

Fuerteventura, the beautiful Canary island is a vibrant holiday destination in Spain, as you can find beautiful attractions & amazing holiday villas in Fuerteventura. The historical landmarks in Fuerteventura will take you in surprise along with the volcanic landscape the island possess and the ‘Town of Atalayita’, located near the west coastline of Fuerteventura is such a historical landmark to visit, when you’re in Fuerteventura island. From the main city centre of Fuerteventura you can reach ‘Town of Atalayita’ by travelling nearly 20 kilometer following the navigations. The Poblado de la Atalayita(Town of Atalayita) is one of the most important and unique archaeological sites in Fuerteventura. It is an archaeological site where the Mahos/Majos Fuerteventura’s first natives settled during ancient times. The Town of Atalayita isn’t only an archaeological site but a open air museum that discover what life was like in the settlement throughout history. Though La Atalayita provides more than thousand years of genuine history, visitors were allowed only to enter constructions that are over 6 centuries old and not more than that. But, you can get a glimpse of the settlement by climbing the peak La Atalayita from where you can enjoy extraordinary panoramic views. Don’t miss this ‘one of a kind’ historic destination, when you’re holidaying in Fuerteventura.