The Dome in Edinburgh-Modern restaurant, pub set inside a 18th century building in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s beautiful capital have many attractions to visit and also consists the best holiday villas with round the clock services, which makes people to enjoy a great holiday in Edinburgh with family and friends. One of the beautiful place to visit and cherish the iconic ‘Edinburgh moment’ of your holiday is the popular building ‘The Dome‘ that functions as a café, restaurant, bar and nightclub in Edinburgh. You can reach ‘The Dome’ in Edinburgh’s George Street of New Town by travelling just half-a-mile from Edinburgh’s city centre. During the year 1847, ‘The Dome’ we see today was built as the headquarters of Commercial Bank of Scotland, incorporating the classic Graeco-Roman style of architecture. Later, ‘The Dome’ got transformed into hotel, restaurant, bar of modern times which is set in a old century building, which made ‘The Dome’ more attractive and unique destination in Edinburgh. Do visit ‘The Dome’ to find out the richness and royal ambience with which the city of Edinburgh is naturally gifted, when you holiday at Edinburgh.