The Butterfly valley of Rhodes

Butterfly valley-Rhodes

The islands of Greece can be defined as the definition for word ‘beautiful’ in reality and nobody could deny it after visiting them. The Rhodes island in Greece is a top-notch destination with multiple beautiful attractions accomplished together such as exquisite beaches, rich flora and fauna elevated through the mountainous regions, antique old towns with amazing architectures and amazing climate throughout the year. One of the beautiful destination of Rhodes, that makes you feel like living inside a fantasy movie is the Butterfly valley located in the Tholos village. The Butterfly valley of Rhodes is an natural reserve that is home to rich flora which is painted green and fresh all over the massive 600 acre of Rhodes island. There are also beautiful streams that end as lake and waterfalls inside this natural reserve. As the name depicts, the rich flora of this region made million of colorful butterflies to fly and host inside. The natural humidity and the water availability have contributed as two main reasons for the butterflies to swarm into this beautiful valley and owning them leisurely. The most appreciated part of the valley is that the visitors can watch at these butterflies as long as they like to but they shouldn’t disturb these tiny color-winged souls by making noises like whistling, clapping and so on. The Butterfly valley welcomes you with a Natural History Museum at the entrance itself with endemic and rare species. You could tour the Butterfly valley via the wooden stairs, bridges constructed for visitors’ comfort. You can reach this surreal beauty after driving 25kms from the main city of Rhodes.