The Boboli Gardens, a 16th century park in Florence, Tuscany – Amazing open-air museum with family-friendly ambience in Tuscany

Tuscany, the amazing region located in Central Italy possess many spectacular attractions which let you enjoy your holidays at ‘fullest’ surrounded by amazing country-side ambience with urban level development that favor all tourists’ facilities to you and your family/friends. A foremost attraction of Tuscany with rich history and amazing views and shouldn’t be missed while holidaying in Tuscany is The Boboli Gardens, a 16th century built park located in Florence(capital of Tuscany). From the main city centre of Florence, you can reach The Boboli Gardens by travelling less than 2 kilometre, since, the park is built at ‘heart of Florence city’ in Tuscany. The Boboli Gardens was built during 1550(16th century), but was opened to public only during 1766 in Florence, Tuscany. The Boboli Gardens was built as ‘pleasure garden’ and it stands still, as one of the best example of Italian Garden and also acts as an open-air museum. Boboli Gardens is filled with statues of various styles and periods, ancient and Renaissance and also large fountains and caves, and that’s why it is considered a open-air museum in Florence, Tuscany. Boboli Gardens is divided into different zones such as: Amphitheatre, Viottolone, Giardino del Cavaliere, and Kaffeehaus(verdurous gardens). Do take guided tours available at the entrance to know more about Boboli Gardens and don’t miss such ‘unique and family-friendly attraction’ of Florence, while holidaying in Tuscany.