Take a tour inside royal yacht in Edinburgh – Royal Yacht Britannia of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the exquisite capital of Scotland possess a lot of attractions to visit and enjoy when you’re spending your holidays with family/friends. A popular and unique attraction of Edinburgh and that’ll definitely feel interesting to people of all ages is Royal Yacht Britannia, which is actually addressed as ‘Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia’, former royal yacht that served for British monarch, under Queen Elizabeth II. Royal Yacht Britannia was used to be in service from 1954 until 1997 and was built in John Brown & Company shipyard between the years 1952-1954. Now, Royal Yacht Britannia is popular tourists’ attraction in Edinburgh which let you enjoy guided tours (or) self-guided tours taking you deep inside the royal yacht which rests in Edinburgh’s waters. You can feel the majesticness when you look and admire the royal yacht from inside and can sit back and relax at the café present in the yacht, besides enjoying the beautiful views of sea surrounding yacht in Edinburgh. From Edinburgh’s main city centre you can reach Royal Yacht Britannia by travelling just 2.5 mile towards coastline, following the directions. Do take a tour to Royal Yacht Britannia, which is a unique attraction that shouldn’t be missed, while holidaying in Edinburgh.