Sunset hike-West coast of Algarve – Hiking event in Algarve on May 31

Algarve-Hiking event

Algarve, the amazing coastal region in Portugal’s south possess extravagant beauty within which reflects everywhere you go in Algarve and that attracts people to enjoy their holidays in Algarve with family/friends. Algarve is a coastal holidaying destination which should be experienced and felt than sightseeing and it’s one of the favorite destination for people who loves nature, hiking, walking trails and explore the lush green flora with seafront views. If you would like to explore the ‘beauty of Algarve’ and wish to stay close to nature keeping yourself away from the busy beaches, and other attractions of Algarve, you should definitely hike in Algarve and here’s a beautiful event called Sunset hike – West coast for hiking enthusiasts, adventure seekers and nature admirers in Algarve, a 7.5 kilometre hiking event on May 31, 2021 starting from Praia Do Castelejo on Algarve’s west coastline. From Lagos town(a main town in western Algarve), you can reach Praia Do Castelejo by travelling 30 kilometre towards west coastline, following the directions. Sunset hike – West coast is a 7.5 kilometre hike, with cliffs and climbs, a mixture of rural and beachfront area, and you’ll be guided in ‘English’ during the event and do backpack water, wear shoes with good comfort and grip, wear sunscreen during hiking in Algarve’s west coast. With amazing seafront views, sunset backdrop, floral ambience, birds surrounding, the Sunset hike – West coast will remain as one of your best holidaying experience in Algarve. You can register, ask details about arrival and pricing about event by Whatsapp: +351 918 280 809 (or) by email: