St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church(Jebel Ali Church) of Dubai – Unique attraction to visit, admire in Dubai

Dubai, the popular city of middle east and a most important city in United Arab Emirates(UAE) welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, since, it holds almost any & all kind of attractions to make your holidaying with family/friends at the ‘best’. One of the best attraction in Dubai which portrays the rich cultural heritage and cultural integration of Dubai as well as UAE is St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church(Jebel Ali Church), a Roman Catholic church built during the year 2000 in Jebel Ali(a port town in Dubai). From the main city centre of Dubai, you shall reach Jebel Ali Church by travelling 29 kilometre towards south-west, following the directions. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church(Jebel Ali Church) possess amazing architecture and definitely a interesting destination to look out in Dubai. The mosaic picture of St. Francis embracing Jesus from the Cross decorates the sanctuary of the Church and this is the second Church within the Emirate of Dubai, built for the Christians who work, live and also tour in Dubai city. Though, a Muslim country, the presence of Jebel Ali Church shows ‘How much Dubai loves to get along with people from other nations as well as the nations itself!’ and you can’t miss this attraction, while holidaying in Dubai.