Soro – The village pub, a perfect ‘retro’ space with live music in Goa – Amazing pub with relaxed vibes and fusion dishes and drinks in Goa

Goa, the most happening and vibrant resort state in India is filled with so many attractions and welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. Goa is known for the vibrant nightlife it possess which is the main attraction for both tourists and Indians to fly and let them enjoy their holidays in Goa with family/friends. There are vibrant-wild pubs in Goa and also relaxed pubs in Goa and if you’re looking for such a relaxed vibe, then you should visit and enjoy a night at Soro – The village pub, a perfect ‘retro’ space with live music and soothing ambience. From Panaji(Panjim)-Goa’s capital, you shall reach Soro – The village pub by travelling 19 kilometre towards north, following the directions. Soro – The village pub will let you enjoy experience the typical ‘Goan bar set inside Retro pub’ with unique and rustic interiors and Soro also offers the best kind of fusion drinks, fusion dishes which will let you explore the new-taste in Goa and the dancing floor and live music adds so much to your night in Goa. The doors of Soro – The village pub opens during 6pm in the evening and never closes until it’s early morning 2am, which means you shall enjoy and party starting from dusk to late-night, when you’re holidaying in Goa.