Soothing spa in Santorini-Visit the Fish Spa Kangal Wellness Centre in Santorini

Santorini, the beautiful island in Greece offers lot of beautiful attractions to visit and do offers many holidaying activities which can replenish your mind and body, when you’re in Santorini. One such beautiful exotic spa technique in Santorini to pleasure your mind and body which is also healthy is the popular Fish Spa Kangal Wellness Centre, located in the heart of Thera(Fira)-Santorini’s capital. Fish Spa Kangal Wellness Centre-As the name depicts, the safe and toothless Kangal fish will eat the dead skin from your feet, which acts a micro massage but yield huge pleasure, and they also offer gentle massage including Icththyotherapy. People who visits Fira suggest that visiting the authentic Fish Spa Kangal Wellness Centre is one of the best way to spend time for your wellness, when you’re holidaying in Santorini.