Shree Mangesh Temple in Goa – Beautiful 16th century temple in Goa

Goa, a stunning holiday destination in India is packed with alluring attractions and exquisite holiday villas and beachfront villas, will let you enjoy great holidaying in Goa with friends & family. If you’re looking to engage yourselves in a ‘off-beat’ holiday activity, sightseeing while holidaying in Goa then you must visit the beautiful Shree Mangesh Temple(Mangueshi Temple), a architectural marvel built during 16th century in Mangeshi Village of Goa. From Panaji(Panjim)-Goa’s capital you shall reach the Mangueshi Temple by travelling 23 kilometre following the navigations in Goa. Being a most visited holy temple/holy place in Goa, there is no dress code per say, but for females it is mandatory that the dress or trousers should be below the knee level. Lord Shiva is the main deity of Shree Mangesh Temple in Goa. Do take the guided tours available at entrance: to know the rich heritage, culture, history of this architectural marvel, the Shree Mangesh Temple in Goa.