Sant Ana beach of Benalmádena, Spain – One of the best urban beach with luxury holiday villas in Benalmádena

Benalmádena, a beautiful coastal town in Spain’s Costa del Sol is popular for beautiful beaches and attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Benalmádena which will let you enjoy a great holidaying with your family & friends. One of the popular and most visited beach of Benalmadena and should be definitely visited while holidaying in Benalmadena is Playa de Santa Ana(Sant Ana beach), which is located just 2.5 kilometre away and south to Benalmadena’s main city centre. Being located close to main city centre, Sant Ana beach is one of the beaches in Benalmadena which possess urban-level development in and around the beach and people of all ages can enjoy a lot of swimming in Sant Ana beach due to presence of shallow, crystalline and calm waters and it’s also beautifully backed by fine sandy shore with promenade that consists tourists’ amenities. Not only a ‘beach day’, Playa de Santa Ana will be suitable for entire beach holidaying due to the presence of luxury hotels, holiday apartments, luxury holiday villas with round the clock services and amazing hospitality near by. Some of the best holiday villas in Benalmadena are found near Sant Ana beach with picturesque ambience, full-fledged services to enjoy great beach holidays at Benalmadena, Spain.