San Miniato al Monte(St. Minias on the Mountain) of Tuscany – Amazing medieval century basilica in Tuscany’s capital

Tuscany, the charming country-side region of Central Italy is a well-known holiday region in the ‘world of tourism’ with plenty of attractions, rich historical architectures & landmarks which attracts tourists from various parts across the world. A picturesque as well as historical attraction that can’t be missed when holidaying in Tuscany is Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte(St. Minias on the Mountain), a basilica located over a hill top, which is one among the highest points in Florence(capital of Tuscany). From Florence’s centre you shall reach San Miniato al Monte by travelling 5 kilometre towards east, following the directions. San Miniato al Monte in Tuscany is one of the perfect example for Romanesque structures in Tuscany, and it comprises of a Roman Catholic church adjoined with Olivetan monastery together. With rich interior and architectural works, the San Miniato al Monte church was built between 11th and 13th century over a 8th century chapel which was already there in Florence. The adjoined monastery is home to many monks and they prepare & preserve famous liqueurs, honey and herbal teas, and they are sold from a shop next to the church. To admire the ‘real’ beauty and rich heritage & history about San Miniato al Monte, do take guided tours which will definitely enhance your experience of visiting this 800+ years old Romanesque landmark/architecture, when holidaying in Florence, Tuscany.