Sainte-Chapelle in Paris – Royal chapel from medieval century in Paris

Paris, the exquisite capital of France and also one of the most loved holidaying destination, as you can find amazing attractions and best holiday villas in France which attracts tourists throughout the year. Though there are many chapels in Paris, you must definitely visit and can’t miss some chapels when you’re holidaying in Paris and the popular Sainte-Chapelle is such one. Being located at the heart of Paris city (i.e.) you can reach the Sainte-Chapelle by travelling just 1 kilometre from the main city centre of Paris. The Sainte-Chapelle in Paris is a beautiful Parish church which is built in amazing French Gothic architectural style during the year 1248, near the banks of River Seine in Paris. Sainte-Chapelle is a royal chapel from medieval centuries and you can point out and admire the elegance in every bit of interior and exterior works you get to notice in this chapel. Taking the guided tours to Sainte-Chapelle will make you understand the greatness and royalness of this chapel more and don’t leave before taking pictures in front of this amazing medieval chapel, when you’re holidaying in Paris.