RED MOUNTAIN GOLF CLUB of Phuket – Top-class Golf Course in Asia, located in Phuket

Phuket, the beautiful island which belongs to Thailand is filled with spectacular attractions, rich climate and which easily let you enjoy great holidaying in ‘amazing ambience’ with family/friends. One of the favorite destination for Golf lovers in Phuket is RED MOUNTAIN GOLF CLUB, a upscale 18-hole golf course which is located 9.5 kilometre away and north-west to Phuket’s main town in Phuket island. RED MOUNTAIN GOLF CLUB of Phuket is an excellent golf course with poshness providing luxurious services and that’s why considered as, ‘One of the best golf courses in Asia’ set in picturesque ambience in Phuket. RED MOUNTAIN GOLF CLUB do look picturesque and attractive, because of the presence of amazing garden filled with flowers, rich flora and aroma and serves as a habitat for Phuket’s colorful species of butterflies and birds in large numbers. You also have a snack bar and restaurant at RED MOUNTAIN GOLF CLUB, to make your visit ‘wholesome’, with the wonderful landscape. If you’re a Golf lover (or) wish to see a top-class ‘golf course’ then do visit RED MOUNTAIN GOLF CLUB, when you’re in Phuket.