Queen Sirikit Park in Bangkok – Urban park with lush green ambience in Bangkok

Bangkok, the extra-ordinary capital city of Thailand possess all kind of attractions which are culturally rich, historically rich destinations, theme parks, museums, viewpoints and a vibrant nightlife which let you enjoy ‘wholesome holidaying in Bangkok city’. One of the beautiful and popular public park to visit in Bangkok along with family/friends is Queen Sirikit Park, a picturesque botanical garden which was established in 1992 and was named after Queen of Thailand-Sirikit on her 60th birthday. Queen Sirikit Park in Bangkok is filled with many fountains, ponds with appealing pink colored lotus flowers, more than 200 species of waterlilies, verdurous lawn spaces, palm trees, flowering plants forming gardens with many butterflies, palm trees and wide variety of coconut cultivars, a great variety of bamboo cultivars, and wide range of rare plants as well as plants related to Thailand. Do visit Queen Sirikit Park, which is a picturesque atmosphere to spend leisure time, enjoy the scenery and click pictures along with family/friends, while holidaying in Bangkok.