Praia do Beliche in Sagres, Algarve – Secluded beach to visit in Algarve

Algarve, the beautiful region of south Portugal possess beautiful attractions along with the great course of holiday villas in Algarve, makes Algarve region a ‘good holiday destination’ in Portugal. Algarve is quite vast, as it can be divided into western and eastern Algarve but both these regions of Algarve possess good range of attractions and beautiful coastline. One such beautiful beach to visit in western Algarve is Praia do Beliche, a beautiful beach located in Sagres, a coastal town in south-west of Algarve and Sagres can be reached by travelling nearly 33 kilometres from Lagos, a main town in Algarve. The Praia do Beliche beach in Sagres of Algarve looks so beautiful like a bay/cove surrounded by rock cliffs with golden sandy shore, turquoise crystalline water and the beach shall be reached by walking down nearly 100 steps from parking. Though tranquil & secluded, Praia do Beliche possess basic tourists’ amenities and if you’re looking for more swimming, surfing with less-crowded ambience in Algarve, then you shall visit Praia do Beliche near Sagres, Algarve.