Praia de Alvor in western Algarve – Popular beach with sand dunes and tourists’ amenities in Algarve

Algarve, the beautiful coastal region in Portugal’s southernmost is one of the best holiday destination to visit and enjoy along with family/friends, which is lush green inside and deep blue on coastal side with rich climate and so many attractions. One of the beautiful beach to visit and enjoy in western Algarve is Praia de Alvor, a expansive beach with lengthy sandy shore in Algarve. From Lagos(a main town in western Algarve) you shall reach Praia de Alvor by travelling 21 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Praia de Alvor is one of the popular beach in Algarve with amazing swimming conditions suitable for all with pristine waters which is backed by lengthy sandy shore possessing fine sand dunes, making the ambience of the beach to be more picturesque and peaceful. Praia de Alvor is well known for the popular 3 kilometere wooden broadwalk over the dunes and it’s called ‘Alvor broad-walk’ and takes you close to Ria de Alvor(a nature reserve) in Algarve. Do you know? Praia de Alvor is one among the prestigious ‘blue flagged’ beaches in Algarve and you can enjoy a lot of swimming and water-sport activities here. There is a plenty of seafront restaurants that serves delicious Portugal cuisines and seafood, as well as a lot of cafés and shops are found at Praia de Alvor, which comforts every visitors with best services and experience, when holidaying in Algarve.