Port of Alicante – Walk, eat, sail at the lively port of Alicante

Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca is one of the best holidaying destination filled with amazing attractions and can also find good holiday villas in Alicante with spectacular views of Mediterranean coast of Spain. A beautiful, lively destination to visit and take leisure walks and spend some time ‘worth’ while holidaying in Alicante is visiting the beautiful Port of Alicante, which is located 2 kilometre away and south to Alicante’s main city centre. Port of Alicante is the typical seaport of Alicante, Spain where you can boats, ferries, marines, yachts, cargos which are used on the Mediterranean sea for both commercial and passenger traffic that carries both in & out Alicante. You’ve beautiful seafront restaurants, bars, cafés to sit back and relax, where they serve authentic Spanish cuisines and other multi cuisines, and don’t miss the beautiful sunsets you can grab at Port of Alicante. A simple but great place to take broad walks, and do a little shopping in the shops that stretch over the promenade of Port of Alicante and you can also go on little boat & ferry tours, as they’re operated specially for tourists who visits Port of Alicante, while holidaying in Alicante.