Pont Neuf of Paris – Beautiful stone bridge from past centuries in Paris

Paris-Pont Neuf
Pont Neuf at night

Paris, the exquisite capital of France and also one of the most loved holidaying destination, as you can find amazing attractions and best holiday villas in France which attracts tourists throughout the year. There are many beautiful attractions to visit and admire in Paris and one such popular viewpoint which is simple but can’t be missed when holidaying in Paris city is the Pont Neuf, a impressive stone bridge built between mid 16th to early 17th century over River Seine in Paris. From the main city centre of Paris, you shall reach the Pont Neuf bridge by travelling just 1 kilometre following the directions. Though, nothing much to look and admire than a arch-designed stone bridge, the Pont Neuf is such ever-green destination without visiting which your holidaying in Paris is ‘Incomplete!’. A good time to visit and walk on Pont Neuf in Paris is during mornings surrounded by fresh ambience and the best you shall grab is watching beautiful sunsets from here, which is considered ‘One of the best sunset in Paris’, and then followed by night when the bridge is illuminated with lights and thus, making it one of the picturesque spot in Paris.