Playa de la Pared(La Pared beach) in Fuerteventura – Unspoilt natural beauty of Fuerteventura island

Fuerteventura of Spain is one among the beautiful Canary islands, which is well-known for their holidaying attractions and being surrounded by Atlantic. A wild beauty and tourists’ attraction which is favorite for people who would love to ‘Feel Fuerteventura Full’ while holidaying in Fuerteventura and shall definitely spend a beach day in completely ‘unspoilt’ natural ambience is Playa de la Pared(La Pared beach), on the south-west coastline of Fuerteventura island. From Fuerteventura’s main town, you shall reach Playa de la Pared(La Pared beach) by travelling 34 kilometre towards south-west coastline, following the directions. When we say “Playa de la Pared(La Pared beach) possess naturally unspoilt ambience”, it’s not that the beach is surrounded by rock cliffs with trees and carries a lush green atmosphere with fine sandy shore but exactly, resembling the Fuerteventura’s volcanic landscapes (i.e.) black lava rocks, pebbles, black sandy coastline with deep-blue crystalline waters. Playa de la Pared(La Pared beach) is such a tranquil beauty and lacks any kind of tourists’ facilities, so, do come prepared after backpacking food, water and drinks and other necessities along with you before arriving here. You can enjoy a lot of swimming, sunbath and surfers(due, to the presence of wind all the time!) at Playa de la Pared(La Pared beach). If you wish to spend a typical ‘Fuerteventura beach day’ with warm climate, volcanic landscapes and pristine waters then do visit La Pared beach in Fuerteventura.