Piazza della Signoria of Tuscany – Origin point of Florence city in Tuscany

Tuscany, an amazing holiday destination of central Italy that posses a good part of Italy’s west coastline and bunch of attractions to visit, whereas you can also find amazing holiday villas in Tuscany to enjoy complete holidaying with friends and family. A lively and most-Italian destination to visit and enjoy the ‘Italian vibes’ completely when you’re holidaying in Tuscany is visiting the popular Piazza della Signoria, a L-shaped square in Florence(Tuscany’s capital) in Italy. From the main Tuscany town you shall reach the Piazza della Signoria by travelling 2 kilometre, whereas when you travel from Florence’s centre you don’t have to walk more than 2 minutes, since, the Piazza della Signoria is located at the very heart of Florence and it’s considered the ‘centrical point’ of Florence in Tuscany. The Piazza della Signoria in Tuscany was built during the 14th century and in the year 1330 and you could feel the ‘medieval century’ vibes in the architectures, statues, and the appearance of this square. You also have many good cafés and Italian restaurants lining near by Piazza della Signoria and do click pictures before leaving Piazza della Signoria, since, it’s one of the ‘most iconic’ square and tourist spot in Tuscany, Italy.