Phaistos Minoan Palace of Crete – Ruins of 4000 years old palace from ancient Crete

Crete, a beautiful island in Greece is the largest island as well as the most popular holidaying Greek island across the world and that’s why people love to spend their holidays with family/friends in Crete. There are many beautiful, natural and historical attractions found in Crete and one of the popular and historically rich destination which you can’t miss is Phaistos Minoan Palace, the ruins of a Bronze Age archaeological site located near south-coastline of Crete, Greece. From Crete’s main town you shall reach Phaistos Minoan Palace by travelling 59 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Being the oldest of archaeological ruins, a visit to Phaistos Minoan Palace will be more enjoyable, if you take guided tours. Because, when you’re at Phaistos Minoan Palace do remember that you’re standing at a landmark which was started settlements during 6000 BC and the ruins of Minoan Palace you see were built during 2000 BC in ancient Crete, Greek island. If you visit Phaistos Minoan Palace, it’s like getting ‘time travelled’ for a while to 4000 years back ‘then’ palace and that’s why, it’s been one of the favorite and popular historical landmark for both tourists and locals in Crete.