Pentland Hills Regional Park of Edinburgh – Verdurous park with peaks, trails and natural scenery in Edinburgh

Edinburgh of Scotland is the capital city as well as popular city of Scotland across the world, that welcomes tourists throughout the year and let them enjoy holidays with family/friends. One of the most verdurous and popular destination(park/green space)of Edinburgh as well as iconic tourists’ attraction is Pentland Hills Regional Park, a massive regional park of Edinburgh with 9 peaks(each about 1500 feet high) and also offers spectacular panoramic views to Edinburgh. From Edinburgh’s main city centre, you can reach Pentland Hills Regional Park by travelling 4 mile towards south, following the directions. If you’re an adventurous person (or) love to hangout in natural scenery (or) love to walk/hike trails, then you shouldn’t miss Pentland Hills Regional Park of Edinburgh (or) you would miss one of the best holidaying activity (or) attraction in Edinburgh. With beautiful scenery, unspoilt natural surroundings, not-so-difficult trails to walk, spectacular panoramic views of Edinburgh city, suitable for all and especially families, and beautiful hiking experience, the Pentland Hills Regional Park is a nature’s gift to Edinburgh city as well as Scotland and you can’t miss it, when you’re in Edinburgh.