Pego do Inferno in Algarve – Beautiful waterfall with natural pool in Algarve, Portugal

Algarve, the amazing southern region of Portugal is packed with amazing coastline, beautiful destinations and spectacular holiday villas, which altogether let you enjoy a great holidaying in Algarve with your family and friends. One of the simple and natural beauty, you shall visit when you’re in Algarve is the popular Pego do Inferno, a beautiful waterfall with a lake(which is actually a natural swimming pool) in Tavira, Portugal. From Faro(Algarve’s capital) you can reach Pego do Inferno in Tavira by travelling 35 kilometres towards north-east direction following the navigations. Pego do Inferno in Algarve is one among the 3 beautiful waterfalls formed from Asseca stream. Though, Pego do Inferno waterfalls and lake is very beautiful and naturally un-spoilt, it’s not visited much by both locals and tourist of Algarve. A small cafe is available to sit back, relax and there are barriers to ensure safety of people who visits Pego do Inferno in Algarve. With a short hiking, surrounded by rich floral ambience and natural pool and waterfall to soak in pleasure; Pego do Inferno can be definitely visited, when you’re holidaying in Algarve.