Parque Florestal das Queimadas(Queimadas Forest Park) in Madeira – Verdurous park with popular Levada Walk of Madeira

Madeira island of Portugal is well-known for the amazing coastline and massive verdurous landscapes and gardens and one such interesting destination(park) that exhibit the lush green quality of Madeira island is Parque Florestal das Queimadas(Queimadas Forest Park), a National park in Madeira, Portugal. Queimadas Forest Park is located on north-east of the island and from Funchal(Madeira’s capital), you shall reach the park by travelling 45 kilometre, following the directions. You shall reach Queimadas Forest Park by taking the popular Levadas walks(Madeira’s special) and they kick start with few refreshments. Caldeirão Verde Levada Walk(PR 9 – Levada do Caldeirão Verde) is the trail to Queimadas Forest Park and it possess such a rich flora and fauna to admire and you’ll find Caminha para Todos(a water channel here) while you take ‘Levada walk’ of Queimadas Forest Park, which gives the best pleasure, peace to mind and soul, through the unspoilt natural beauty it have and you can’t miss experiencing this, when in Madeira. With a café to sit back, enjoy and packed with enormous natural beauty and waterfall, a visit to Queimadas Forest Park gets fulfilled by visiting the picnic park and shelter house of Queimadas(a old house with beautiful thatched roof). Visiting Queimadas Forest Park will definitely give joy and relaxation, keeping yourselves away from city’s noise, crowded beaches and a moment to get close to nature and feel good-energy, while holidaying in Madeira.