Parco Uditore of Palermo – Picturesque ‘family friendly’ Italian park in Palermo

Palermo, a classic beauty of Sicily in Italy is one of the most visited and cherished holidaying city in Sicily with so many attractions put together and make the tourists to enjoy peaceful and fun-filled holiday with family/friends. One of the pleasant tourists’ attraction and absolutely a family-friendly destination to visit in Palermo is Parco Uditore(Auditor park), a lush green space which is located just less than 6 kilometre away and north-west to Palermo’s main city centre. Parco Uditore was found in Palermo city since 18th century and it has managed to evolve with time and renovated several times to be a pleasant attraction and that’s why, the park is favorite for both locals and tourists of Palermo. Parco Uditore covers larger area with lush green ambience, pathways, typical park shades, benches, play area for kids and adults and it is also used a ‘event space’ on various occasions of events and happenings in Palermo city. Parco Uditore, possess rich flora and carries rich aroma due to the presence of numerous flowering plants and forming impressive garden atmosphere and the well-maintained cleanliness is another reason for people to love this park in Palermo. If you’re with family & kids, then do visit Parco Uditore, to spend leisure time with family, for your kids to enjoy the play area and as couples to take leisure walks and click beautiful pictures, while holidaying in Palermo.