Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park) of Tuscany – Massive, lush green space in Tuscany’s capital

Tuscany, the beautiful region in central Italy is one of the most loved and visited holidaying destination representing countryside of Italy with many beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy along with family/friends. One of the scenic and popular family-friendly destination(park) to visit in Tuscany is Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park), a massive 395 acre verdurous green space and a monumental and historical park located on the north bank of Arno river in Florence(capital of Tuscany). From Florence’s centre you shall reach Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park) by travelling 4.2 kilometre towards north-west, following the directions. The construction of Cascine Park began during 1563(16th century) and got completed during 18th century. Do you know? Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park) is the largest green space as well as largest public park in Florence, Tuscany. Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park) is filled with many verdurous boulevards, gardens, rich & rare flora accompanied by good qoutient of fauna, expansive meadows, walking paths & trails, rich aroma in air, sports facilities, venue for events, tranquil ambience due to vast size and nature’s dominance and a play area for kids. Being a rich historical landmark as well as a best recreation destination in Florence to visit, enjoy, click pictures on your ‘Tuscany holidays’, you can’t miss Parco delle Cascine(Cascine Park) in Florence, Tuscany.