Paramonas beach in Corfu-Amazing bay kinda beach in Corfu

Corfu, the amazing holiday island have many beautiful beaches with extra-ordinary beauty and amenities and you can choose them based on your mood of ‘How your beach day in Corfu should be like?’. One such beautiful beach you shall visit in Corfu is the Paramonas beach which is located on Corfu’s south-western coastline and can be reached by travelling by 24 kilometres towards south-west from Corfu town(Corfu’s capital town/city). Paramonas beach is located near the coastal village Agios Mattheos-a beautiful village in Corfu with notable holiday villas, resorts with extra-ordinary services and verdurous ambience(due to the presence of mountains surrounding the village) in Corfu. Though, secluded from other beaches, you can find all good tourists’ amenities in Paramonas beach & the Paramonas beach do look and feel so beautiful with soft sandy shore, pebbles, turquoise crystalline water that is set under the foot of lush green mountains in Corfu.