Paralia Mpataria, a marvelous beach on Corfu’s coastline – Beautiful beach in Corfu suitable for all ages

Corfu, the beautiful island of Greece consists of perfect holiday attractions which let you enjoy ‘fantastic’ holidaying with family/friends surrounded by picturesque ambience and rich climate. One of the most picturesque beach which is more like a secluded cove (or) bay in Corfu and shall be definitely visited is Paralia Mpataria, a marvelous beach located on the north-east-most coastline of Corfu island. From Corfu’s main town you shall reach Paralia Mpataria by travelling 36 kilometre towards north-eastern tip, following the directions. With blue-green waters which is also warm, gentle waves, rich climate, fresh aroma in air, backed by white sandy shore and surrounded by rock cliffs with flora, the Paralia Mpataria is definitely a picturesque & secluded cove than a beach in Corfu. Paralia Mpataria is one of the best destination to enjoy a lot of swimming, snorkeling and sunbath at ‘natural scenery’ ambience in Corfu and there are cafés near Paralia Mpataria with good services. Though, Paralia Mpataria possess limited amenities people in Corfu definitely visit here to enjoy the unspoilt nature with limited crowd in a peaceful surrounding with family & kids (or) spouse (or) friends, while holidaying in Corfu.