Pantai Bias Tugel(Bias Tugel Beach) in Bali island – Secluded beauty of Bali

Bali, a most loved and popular tourist island of Indonesia is packed with exquisite attractions and there are amazing holiday villas in Bali that will let you enjoy spectacular holidaying with family and friends. Bias Tugel Beach, one among the many beautiful beaches of Bali island, which shall be definitely preferred to visit and enjoy great ‘beach day’, while holidaying in Bali. From Denpasar(Bali’s capital) you shall reach the Bias Tugel Beach by travelling 45 kilometre in north-east direction, since the Bias Tugel Beach lies of the south-east coastal line of Bali island. Pantai Bias Tugel(Bias Tugel Beach) is considered a secret beach in Bali which is small, tranquil but consists of picturesque views, turquoise crystalline water and tidy white sandy beach. You can rent umbrellas, beach chairs near by Bias Tugel Beach and also have good range of cafĂ©, restaurant and beach bar and also have toilet, but lacks in ‘shower’. When you’re at Bias Tugel Beach, you shall enjoy a lot of swimming, scuba-diving and snorkeling and be careful with waves sometimes! Bias Tugel Beach isn’t completely ‘family-friendly’ but for a bunch of friends and honeymoon couples who’re holidaying in Bali island, shall definitely visit Bias Tugel Beach in Bali.