Palatine Hill in Rome – One among the Seven Hills of Rome to visit

Rome, the fantastic capital of Italy and one of the most popular city in the ‘world history’ from ancient times to present have many attractions to visit and the amazing holiday resorts, villas and holiday rentals in Rome will enhance your ‘holidays at Rome’ to good levels. Rome have lots of ancient historic monuments, architectures and destinations to visit and admire & the popular Seven Hills of Rome is one of the most ancient parts of the Rome city and widely notified as “the first nucleus of the Roman Empire”. The Palatine Hill in Rome is one among the Seven Hills of Rome and shall be definitely visited when you’re holidaying in Rome, Italy. From the main city centre of Rome you shall reach Palatine Hill by travelling less than 3 kilometres following the directions. Being filled with Roman architectures & ancient ruins, the Palatine Hill is about 168 feet high which offers beautiful panoramic views of Rome city. You can also visit the Palatine Museum, a large open-air museum with ancient Italian excavations found in Palatine Hill itself. Do visit the Palatine Hill with majestic history and experience the beautiful ‘ancient touch’ in the appearance & ambience, while holidaying in Rome.