Kaleiçi of Antalya – Never miss this historical and traditional beauty of Antalya, Turkey

Antalya in Turkey is naturally gifted resort and coastal city which possess beautiful attractions and holiday villas that will let you enjoy your holidays in Antalya with your family and friends. One of the most popular and historical town of Antalya, Turkey which is said to be the “Home to many popular, historical landmarks & architectures of Antalya” and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Antalya is Kaleiçi. From the main city centre of Antalya, you shall reach Kaleiçi city by travelling 2.4 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Kaleiçi of Antalya is filled with structures, architectures that dates back to Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and modern Turkish republican eras belonging to various time periods from ancient times to modern times. You can find many traditional Turkish boutique hotels, restaurants, cafés, gift shops, local-made products shop, and traditional folkloric arts & handicrafts shop, which are being set in traditional built Turkish style of architected homes in Kaleiçi of Antalya and some of them are still houses and people living there generations after generations. You can feel the classic historical and old town touch across entire Kaleiçi, since, they’ve been protected by arised walls till modern times. Do visit the popular Antalya clock tower, Hadrian’s gate, Hıdırlık Tower, Karaalioglu Park, Atatürk Park and shop at Uzun Çarşı Sokak of Kaleiçi of Antalya. Visiting Kaleiçi is one of the best way to explore the rich traditional and cultural face of Antalya and a destination which’ll be always in the ‘Places to visit in Antalya’, while holidaying in Antalya.

Fiumi Fountain(Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) of Rome – Beautiful 17th century fountain in Rome

Fiumi Fountain-Rome
Fiumi Fountain

Rome, Italy’s capital city is one of the most popular city in world’s history from ancient times to present times. Rome have many attractions to visit and you can also find amazing holiday rentals such as holiday villas, and holiday apartments in Rome that will enhance your ‘holidays’ you enjoy in Rome. If you’re looking for a best way to enjoy your holidays and explore the city of Rome, do pick one among the many beautiful, luxury holiday apartments in Rome City Centre which will provide full-fledged services with utmost privacy. Holiday apartments in Rome City Centre are available affordable prices, luxurious ambience, and these holiday apartments in Rome City centre also provide easy access to other destinations to visit in Rome. One of the popular and historical landmark to visit in Rome is Fiumi Fountain(Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) and it means ‘fountain of the four rivers’ and it belongs to 17th century. Fiumi Fountain, the exquisite architectural structure with beautiful works is located in popular square of Rome city called as Piazza Navona in Rome. From Rome’s main city centre you shall reach Fiumi Fountain by travelling 3.4 kilometre, following the directions. Do take guided tour to Fiumi Fountain to know the fascinating history and stories told about the medieval century fountain in Rome and you can relax, dine at the beautiful restaurants, cafés surrounding the Fiumi Fountain in Rome. No holidaying in Rome city is complete without visiting and clicking pictures at Fiumi Fountain of Rome.

Visit the most popular viewpoint of Ayia Napa – Love Bridge of Ayia Napa

Love Bridge-Ayia Napa
Love Bridge – Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa in Cyprus island possess beautiful attractions to visit and you can also find amazing holiday rentals such as holiday villas in Ayia Napa, beachfront villas and also holiday apartments with full-fledged services, and there are also holiday villas in Ayia Napa with private pool; these holiday rentals in Ayia Napa will pave way to enjoy your holidays in Ayia Napa accompanied by spectacular services, utmost privacy and picturesque ambience and also assure profound hospitality. In the way of attaining the ‘best holidays’ in Ayia Napa, it’s good to choose the beautiful luxurious holiday villas in Ayia Napa which enhances your holidaying with great comfort and privacy. Choosing holiday villas in Ayia Napa with private pool (or) holiday apartments in Ayia Napa will ensure to gain ‘comfort space’, that let you enjoy your holidaying with family, friends without any cause of discomfort from external persons/factors, when you’re holidaying in Ayia Napa. A most popular and picturesque viewpoint in Ayia Napa which you must definitely take & click pictures(especially with your spouse) in this natural arch rocky bridge of Cyprus, when you’re holidaying in Ayia Napa is Bridge of Love (or) Love bridge in Ayia Napa’s coastline. From Ayia Napa’s main city centre, you shall reach the Love bridge by travelling 4 kilometre towards south coastline from here, following the directions. Love bridge is a natural arch rocky bridge which arises up in between the turquoise, crystalline, warm waters of Ayia Napa and it possess a series of sea caves which is also a natural pathway to connect with other beaches on Ayia Napa’s coastline. Swimming isn’t much preferred but if you love to snorkel, then you shall enjoy a lot of snorkeling in these warm waters near Love bridge of Ayia Napa. Do stop by the ‘Love Lock Bridge’, which is a small steel bridge where people put ‘locks’, it’s kind of announcing that they’re making the relationship to sustain ‘Eternal’. Being surrounded by rock cliffs, rock caves and rock formations, Love bridge is one of the most beautiful natural attraction in Ayia Napa of Cyprus island. Holidaying in Ayia Napa is incomplete without visiting, spending time, admiring and clicking pictures at the popular Bridge of Love at Ayia Napa.

Sant Ana beach of Benalmádena, Spain – One of the best urban beach with luxury holiday villas in Benalmádena

Benalmádena, a beautiful coastal town in Spain’s Costa del Sol is popular for beautiful beaches and attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Benalmádena which will let you enjoy a great holidaying with your family & friends. One of the popular and most visited beach of Benalmadena and should be definitely visited while holidaying in Benalmadena is Playa de Santa Ana(Sant Ana beach), which is located just 2.5 kilometre away and south to Benalmadena’s main city centre. Being located close to main city centre, Sant Ana beach is one of the beaches in Benalmadena which possess urban-level development in and around the beach and people of all ages can enjoy a lot of swimming in Sant Ana beach due to presence of shallow, crystalline and calm waters and it’s also beautifully backed by fine sandy shore with promenade that consists tourists’ amenities. Not only a ‘beach day’, Playa de Santa Ana will be suitable for entire beach holidaying due to the presence of luxury hotels, holiday apartments, luxury holiday villas with round the clock services and amazing hospitality near by. Some of the best holiday villas in Benalmadena are found near Sant Ana beach with picturesque ambience, full-fledged services to enjoy great beach holidays at Benalmadena, Spain.

Deansgate of Manchester – Popular shopping road with bars, restaurants in Manchester

Manchester, a most famous England city possess amazing attractions to visit and to enjoy a great holidaying with family and friends you’ve wide range of holiday villas in Manchester with full-fledged services. To experience the liveliness, vibing atmosphere and shopping experience at Manchester, you must visit to the popular Deansgate of Manchester which is located at ‘heart of Manchester city’. Yes! From the main city centre of Manchester you shall reach Deansgate by travelling just 1 mile, following the directions. Deansgate is one of the oldest city’s throughfares and you can feel it by the appearance and authentic looks, signboards, and architectural style of the road, and it’s also a main road through Manchester City Centre of Manchester. You can find lots & lots of shops belonging to various types, products at Deansgate and can also find few best cafés, bars and restaurants of Manchester to sit, eat and relax while your visit to Deansgate of Manchester. Best time to visit Deansgate of Manchester is during evening, when the light turns ‘On’ and the entire road glitters and attracts you to walk, shop and eat on the popular Deansgate, while holidaying in city of Manchester.

Fañabé Beach(Fanabe beach) in Costa Adeje, Tenerife – Amazing beach in natural resort town of Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest among Canary islands of Spain is packed with beautiful attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas, beachfront villas with round the clock services, and can also find holiday villas in Tenerife with private pool which guards your privacy, provides specific hospitality to make your holidays more comfortable & enjoyable with friends & family. Choosing the villas in Tenerife with private pool will enhance your entire holidaying in Tenerife island; your privacy won’t interrupted, a private pool denotes that most of the services you’re going to avail are available for you and your people in private capacity & there won’t be any shortage in services, and you can party, rest, swim and enjoy at the private pool anytime you need and you won’t be needed to share it someone unknown, and villas in Tenerife with private pool provide pleasure to mind and soul by luxurious ambience and personal hospitality. One of the beautiful & popular beach in Tenerife, that shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Tenerife island is Fañabé Beach(Fanabe beach) which is located in Costa Adeje, a popular resort town in Tenerife, Spain. From Tenerife’s main city centre, you shall reach the Costa Adeje by travelling 70 kilometre towards south-west coastline of Tenerife and from Costa Adeje you can reach Fañabé Beach by travelling just 1 kilometre, following the directions. Fañabé Beach is the largest and busiest beach you shall find in Costa Adeje of Tenerife island, Spain. The waters in Fañabé Beach is crystalline, calm and the sandy shore stretches at good level making room for all the visitors, who visit Fañabé Beach. With lifeguard services, tourists’ amenities & facilities available near by; Fañabé Beach(Playa Fanabe) is one of the urban-level developed beach in Costa Adeje and in the entire island of Tenerife. You shall also find world-class restaurants, cafés, beautiful seafront bars, beach clubs, beach bars and night clubs to party all night near by Fañabé Beach in Costa Adeje, Tenerife. Since, it’s a natural resort town of Tenerife, you’ll find beautiful holiday villas in Costa Adeje of Tenerife with private pool, which let you enjoy a complete holidaying in a luxurious atmosphere, with utmost privacy, specified hospitality and round clock services. Choosing the holiday villas in Tenerife with private pool is ‘one of the best way’ to enjoy your holidaying to the fullest in the Canary island of Tenerife.

Platja Llarga(Llarga beach) of Salou, Spain – Medium urbanized beach with tourists’ amenities and unspoilt natural beauty in Salou

Salou, a natural resort town of Spain with amazing coastline and beautifully set in north-east of Costa Dorada have a bunch of attractions to visit and you can also find spectacular holiday villas in Salou which will let you enjoy your holidays happily with family and friends. One of the picturesque beach with good qualities to spend a perfect ‘beach day’ while holidaying in Salou is the Platja Llarga(Llarga beach) of Spain. From Salou’s main city centre, you shall reach Llarga beach by travelling 20 kilometre over the east coastline direction, in the eastwards from Salou’s city centre. With mostly unspoilt natural beauty, Llarga beach is considered as ‘one of the natural gem’ of Salou with crystalline waters, golden sandy shore surrounded by hill slopes with pine trees forming pine forest. You’ve lifeguard services available near Platja Llarga and you can enjoy a lot of swimming in the calm, shallow waters and it’s one among the ISO certified beach in Salou, Spain. You’ll find a promenade at the back of Llarga beach where you can find tourists’ amenities like restaurants, beach bars, cafés, shops to rent(umbrellas, sun loungers), showers and toilets for your comfort and enjoy a good beach day at Llarga beach, while holidaying in Salou.

Sail to beautiful Benidorm island of Benidorm – Unique holidaying experience in Benidorm

Benidorm, a coastal town of Alicante, Spain is filled with beautiful attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Benidorm that will let you enjoy holidays with friends & family. One of the beautiful & unique holidaying experience you can get while holidaying in Benidorm is visiting the beautiful Benidorm island, a small island and a natural reserve in Spain, surrounded by Mediterranean. You can reach Benidorm island only by boats (or) ferries and it takes less than 15 minutes and the ferries depart to Benidorm island every hour from the port in Benidorm’s old town and during summers, it departs from Levante beach of Benidorm. You’ll enjoy beautiful views of sea & Benidorm town while you sail to Benidorm island and once you get there, you can reach the highest point of the island by walking for 10-15 minutes in a slow pace. There is no human population in Benidorm island but it’s one of the popular viewpoint with picturesque views to click good, iconic pictures about your holidaying in Benidorm and if you’re lucky enough, you shall spot some animals and marine, migratory birds flying and resting around Benidorm island. Though, there is no human population, you can find a restaurant with bar to sit back and relax and enjoy a delicious lunch along with spectacular sea views and it’s one of the best way to spend your afternoon, while holidaying in Benidorm.

Port of Alicante – Walk, eat, sail at the lively port of Alicante

Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca is one of the best holidaying destination filled with amazing attractions and can also find good holiday villas in Alicante with spectacular views of Mediterranean coast of Spain. A beautiful, lively destination to visit and take leisure walks and spend some time ‘worth’ while holidaying in Alicante is visiting the beautiful Port of Alicante, which is located 2 kilometre away and south to Alicante’s main city centre. Port of Alicante is the typical seaport of Alicante, Spain where you can boats, ferries, marines, yachts, cargos which are used on the Mediterranean sea for both commercial and passenger traffic that carries both in & out Alicante. You’ve beautiful seafront restaurants, bars, cafés to sit back and relax, where they serve authentic Spanish cuisines and other multi cuisines, and don’t miss the beautiful sunsets you can grab at Port of Alicante. A simple but great place to take broad walks, and do a little shopping in the shops that stretch over the promenade of Port of Alicante and you can also go on little boat & ferry tours, as they’re operated specially for tourists who visits Port of Alicante, while holidaying in Alicante.

Thomas Beach of Bali island – Amazing beach with amenities in Bali

Bali, a most loved and popular tourist island of Indonesia is packed with exquisite attractions and there are amazing holiday villas in Bali that will let you enjoy spectacular holidaying with family and friends. A beautiful beach of Bali island to visit while holidaying in Bali and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Bali is Thomas Beach, which is located on south-west coastline of Bali. From Denpasar(Bali’s capital) you can reach Thomas Beach by travelling 29 kilometre, towards south-west coastline of Bali, following the directions. With turquoise crystalline water and white sandy shore, Thomas Beach is one of the picturesque beach in Bali island, which is also beautifully surrounded with palm trees and possess good tourists’ amenities to enjoy a perfect ‘beach day’ in Bali. You can enjoy a lot of swimming in Thomas Beach, since the beach possess shallow waters with calm, gentle tides it’s a beach suitable for people of all ages. Do enjoy a lot of surfing in Thomas Beach, which is one of the popular & favorite water sport in Thomas Beach by the presence of wind blow, all the time. With amazing seafront restaurants, cafés, beach bars, beach clubs and night clubs filled near Thomas Beach, it’s one of the perfect beach day spend a whole night and day, when you’re holidaying in Bali.