Morro Jable Lighthouse in Fuerteventura-Beautiful sightseeing destination in south Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, the beautiful Canary island of Spain surrounded by Atlantic possess many attractions to visit, as you can also find the good holiday villas & resorts in Fuerteventura, which let you enjoy a wholesome holidaying experience with your family and friends in Fuerteventura island. One of the favorite sightseeing destination for many tourists who visit Fuerteventura island is the popular Morro Jable Lighthouse, located near Fuerteventura’s southern most tip. You can reach the Morro Jable lighthouse in Morro Jable town of Fuerteventura by traveling nearly 58 kilometres towards the south-most coastline from the main city centre of Fuerteventura island. Being active for the past 30 years(from 1991) Morro Jable Lighthouse sheds it’s light till date by standing high for about 194 ft. Morro Jable Lighthouse is so beautiful with peaceful ambience and amazing seafront views along with the sounds of ‘Atlantic’ waves. You’ll love to click pictures when you’re in Morro Jable Lighthouse, which will remain as your ‘iconic holiday’ picture in the island of Fuerteventura.