Moro beach(El Moro Beach) of Fuerteventura – A gem on Fuerteventura’s coastline

Fuerteventura island is one among the popular islands ‘Canary islands’ of Spain and it all attractive and comfortable and give immense joy to anyone who visits and that’s why, people from various parts across the world, travel to Fuerteventura in a way to spend their holidays happily with family/friends. A popular and secluded beach located in north east-most coastline of Fuerteventura is Moro Beach, a beautiful tourists’ attraction to spend your ‘beach day’ in Fuerteventura. From the main town of Fuerteventura, you shall reach Moro Beach by travelling 54 kilometre towards north-east, following the directions. Moro beach(El Moro Beach) of Fuerteventura is located near Fuerteventura’s most iconic destination as well as the popular-most tourists’ attraction ‘Corralejo Natural Park of Fuerteventura’. Though small in size, El Moro beach is one of the picturesque beach with turquoise, shallow waters backed by fine white sandy shore, which is a best beach to swim and surf on your ‘beach day’ in this Canary island of Spain. Due to it’s, tranquil ambience, Moro beach have always been a favorite beach for families in Fuerteventura and the only thing you must agree before arriving is, ‘Backpacking food, water and drinks’, since, there are no tourists’ amenities available nearby. Despite, lacks tourists’ amenities, both locals and tourists love visiting El Moro beach in Fuerteventura, because of the unspoilt nature, peaceful and secluded ambience it possess and picturesque views and comfort it provides, and thus, don’t miss this gem while holidaying in Fuerteventura.