Les Salines in Calpe – Exciting flamingo watching in Calpe

Calpe(Calp), a town of Spain’s Alicante and also a beautiful part of Costa Blanca is the popular beach holiday destination lying in Spain’s Mediterranean coast and the amazing holiday villas in Calpe will let you enjoy great holidaying here with family and friends. A pleasant and popular tourists spot to visit when you’re holidaying in Calpe is the Les Salines, a salt flat of Calpe located close to Penon de Ifach(a natural park in Calpe). From the main city centre of Calpe you can reach Les Salines by travelling 3 kilometre towards the east, following the roads & signs of Calpe. The Les Salines is a natural lake and nature dominant area where you can watch a large number of migratory birds flying, resting happily and especially the pink-painted flamingos, which is the sole attraction of Les Salines in Calpe. You can also take leisure walks in the trails that run near by Les Salines and can find few good cafés, lakefront restaurant to dine near Les Salines on your visit to Les Salines, while holidaying in Calpe.