Leith Links of Edinburgh – Amazing open green space in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the beautiful city and also the capital of Scotland have many attractions to visit and you have the best holiday villas in Edinburgh with round the clock services, which will make people to enjoy splendid holiday in Edinburgh with family and friends. A calm, verdurous, family-friendly destination to visit on a relaxed morning (or) evening, while holidaying in Edinburgh is Leith Links, a open green space in Leith(port area of Edinburgh in the north) in Edinburgh city. From Edinburgh’s main city centre, you shall reach the Leith Links by travelling just 2 mile towards the Leith area of Edinburgh, following the directions. With enormous of green space, children’s play area, and play area for football, cricket, tennis and much more. During the end of 17th century, Leith Links was used as golf course for Open Championship, and considered one of the world’s greatest courses. Do visit Leith Links of Edinburgh, which is filled with around 200 beautiful, rare, old & mature trees and verdurous ambience which’ll give peace and harmony to mind, when you’re holidaying in Edinburgh.