Kathara beach in Rhodes-Perfect beach in Rhodes

Rhodes, the beautiful island of Greece have bunch of attractions to visit and amazing holiday villas in Rhodes to stay and enjoy a great holiday with family & friends. Rhodes have many beaches that suits perfectly for family, kids and adults & Kathara beach is such a beach located 13 kilometres away from Rhodes Town, capital of Rhodes. You can reach the Kathara beach by travelling 13 kilometres towards south-east coastline from Rhodes town and can also find famous destination of Rhodes called Faliraki nearby the Kathara beach in Rhodes island. You’ll find Kathara beach beautiful with stretching sandy shore, crystalline waters(since, ‘Kathara’ means ‘clean’ in Greece) and also shallow which is surrounded by hard rock cliffs forming natural pools suitable for children. You can find all the tourists’ amenities nearby the Kathara beach, though located near the famous Faliraki, the Kathara beach doesn’t gets crowded much and remains a tranquil but beautiful, tourist amenities filled beach suitable for all who visits in the island of Rhodes.