Kapari Beach of Mykonos – A hidden treasure of Mykonos island

Mykonos, the beautiful island of Greece surrounded by Aegean possess many beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy along with family/friends. A beautiful beach on Mykonos’ south-west coastline which is considered as ‘hidden gem’ and shall be definitely visited if you’re looking for naturally unspoilt beach is Kapari Beach, a picturesque and peaceful beach. From Mykonos’ main town, you shall reach Kapari Beach by travelling 5.6 kilometre towards south-west, following the directions. Though a beautiful beach, Kapari Beach is strictly for people who loves and admires nature, and doesn’t bother about lack of tourists’ amenities nearby and ready to backpack things before arriving here and also for those who prefer a less-crowded secluded ambience to enjoy beach day in Mykonos island. With turquoise crystalline waters and beautifully stretching white sandy beach, the Kapari Beach is one of the best beach to enjoy a lot of swimming and sunbath with relaxed-vibes offered in a calm, tranquil ambience and being surrounded by rock cliffs & appearing like secluded bay. One of the popular church in Mykonos island called ‘Agios Ioannis’ is located near Kapari Beach and do visit the chapel after enjoying your beach time. Due to tranquility, Kapari Beach is unofficially a nudist/naturist beach of Mykonos island and it’s totally safe to get along with nature for-a-while and don’t miss the sunsets here, since, they’re one among the few most-beautiful sunsets in Mykonos.