Indonesian Govt. planning to re-open Bali on July


Bali, the beautiful Indonesian island which is filled with attractions and excitement is one of the most loved and visited island (i.e.) acknowledged in the world of tourism, since, the holidaying experience that Bali gives is ‘worth, fun and suitable for all ages’. Happy times and holiday times are back! Yes, the Govt. of Indonesia is planning and discussing with officials and considers to re-open the gates of Bali in July 2021. Since, we all know that, we’ve been facing a global pandemic from 2020 and now, the countries around the world have successfully started producing vaccines and taking necessary measures to vaccine every people in the country. Bali island is one of the most prime factor that drives the ‘Tourism of Indonesia’ and the Department of Tourism and officials are looking keen at the efforts made by Thailand to welcome tourists back to Phuket as well as the efforts made by Maldives, since middle of 2020. Meanwhile, Govt. of Indonesia and officials of Bali have said, “Bali should administer around 6 million vaccine doses by July this year. Around 50% of the vaccine distribution has been achieved on the island”. And also, Bali officials are speeding up vaccinations and looking forward that airlines in neighbouring ASEAN countries’ and European countries will be willing to open services next month to Indonesia and Bali. It is also said that, the preparations to re-open Bali’s tourism and gates have began with strict health & safety measures.