Holiday Rentals Ayia Napa

There are many different types of vacation rentals in Ayia Napa, and the options depend on your profile and interests. Your choice will depend on whether you are going with family, friends or alone, and how much space and amenities you need. This rental villas has everything you need to enjoy your stay. Villas or apartments with up to 6 beds can be rented for 14 people, allowing large groups of family and friends. It can be rented by people looking for entertainment or commercial purposes. Most people choose a vacation rental for the extra freedom that Ayia Napa offers. You may not have the same freedom as renting a hotel or other place. It is also often difficult to accommodate multiple people in one place, which is always a problem when traveling with large families or groups of friends. Another important point is access to major attractions. Most rental villas are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, beaches and many other attractions.