Heard about ‘Pirate Museum’ in Lanzarote? – Interesting museum to visit in Lanzarote

Pirate Museum-Lanzarote

Lanzarote, the spectacular canary island of Spain surrounded by Atlantic is all about beautiful attractions and holiday villas that let you enjoy the best holidaying with your family and friends in Lanzarote. When you’re in Lanzarote, there are few destinations which you can never see anywhere but in Lanzarote and one such interesting destination(museum) to visit in Lanzarote island is the Pirate Museum (or) Museo de la Piratería. You can reach the Pirate museum by travelling just 5 kilometres from Lanzarote’s main city and you can found the museum in the Santa Bárbara castle which is built on the top of Guanapay mountain in Teguise of Lanzarote. Taking the guided tours available at the Pirate museum can make your experience better in Lanzarote and to gain proper details about “Why there is a museum of ‘Pirates’ in Lanzarote?”. By owning beautiful seafront views and ancient architected ambience, the Pirate Museum (or) Museo de la Piratería is definitely an interesting destination you can’t miss in Lanzarote.