Haría village in Lanzarote-Must visit this Lanzarote’s charming country-side village

Lanzarote, one among Spain’s Canary islands is a beautiful destination with attractions and amazing holiday villas to stay & enjoy ‘good holidaying’ with family and friends in Lanzarote. One of the beautiful and picturesque village you shall visit in Lanzarote to spend your day with sunshine, warmth and peace is the Haría village, located in ‘the valley of 1000 palms’ in northern part of Lanzarote island. From Lanzarote’s main city centre you can reach the Haría village by travelling nearly 27 kilometres towards northern-most west direction. Haría village looks so beautiful with ornate churches, whitewashed buildings built in cobbled streets and also fascinating museums, especially the Casa Museo (Museum Home) of the world famous Lanzarote Artist César Manrique who took architecture to greater extent with new ideas and designs in Spain. If you visit the Haría village on Sundays, you’ll be able to visit the lively markets of Haría, where you can taste delicious local foods and shop products of local craftsmen selling art, textiles and local jewellery. Visiting the Haría village will make you admire the exact country side beauty of Lanzarote.