Green Bowl Beach in Bali island – Hidden gem of Bali

Bali, the extra-ordinary holidaying island of Indonesia is filled with beauty all over which welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. One of the most beautiful, unspoilt, popular and secluded beach of Bali island is Green Bowl Beach, a hidden beauty which is more like a ‘bay’ in Bali island. Green Bowl Beach is located on the extreme southern of Bali island and from Denpasar(Bali’s capital) you shall reach it, by travelling 25 kilometres towards south, following the directions. Green Bowl Beach is absolutely a wonderful choice for people who loves nature and adventure to reach and enjoy a ‘beach day’ while holidaying in Bali island. Green Bowl Beach possess turquoise waters, bristly white sand shore which is surrounded by rock cliffs which is being a habitat for birds, monkeys and colourful butterflies & also the presence of humongous limestone caves enclosing rock shrines at the back of the beach. When you reach covered verdurous cliffy top you’ll have to descend nearly 330 steps down a rocky terrain to reach this beach in Bali’s south. Green Bowl Beach is one of the best place to enjoy a lot of swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and surfing, and sunsets at Green Bowl Beach is one of the most beautiful sunsets you can watch in Bali. Since, a tranquil beach there are no amenities available nearby and you need to backpack food, water and drinks, before you arrive here in Bali.